Seminar with the Legend, Grandmaster Kong

Seminar with the Legend, Grandmaster Kong Young ll May 28/29, 2022. Even though GM Kong is now 79 years old, he led most of the training program where he himself showed the techniques with impressive power. GM Kong’s attitude quickly spread to the participants.

Grandmaster John and Master Robert brought some of the students from GM John Taekwon-Do to take part in the special seminar in Worthing, South England. 

The seminar was organized by Grand Master Keith Finch who facilitated so that Grandmaster Kong, GM John and many of the other Grandmasters could contribute to creating a varied training program for the participants. Among them GM Russel Dennis and GM Ewan Briscoe. GM Finch also contributed himself to parts of the training program.

Participations from Grandmaster John Taekwon-Do:
Grand Master John Svendsen
Master Robert Dahl
Int. Instructor John Brede Svendsen
3 DAN Lars Kufaas
1 DAN Therese Svenning
1 GUP Angelica Svenning
3 GUP Anita Holmgren

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